Minardi: I can't believe Alonso is still driving at the top in F1
Giancarlo Minardi knows Fernando Alonso since the Aston Martin driver was 18, now the former F1 team owner reflects on a remarkable journey.
3 hours ago

Red Mist: Are the 1980 bells of agony ringing for Ferrari?
The year after epic 1979 season, the same Ferrari team endured its worst ever season. Yes, Ferrari is as good at losing as it is at winning.
3 hours ago

Verstappen: We have to do better as a team, I should've won
Max Verstappen all but accused Red Bull of letting him down at the F1 Saudi Grand Prix, a driveshaft issue forcing him to start from P15
6 hours ago

How much can F1 drivers earn from Instagram?
With the F1 2023 season well and truly underway, F1 drivers are witnessing a boom in Instagram followers. This is how much they can earn
7 hours ago

Fittipaldi: Leclerc has probably lost some faith in Ferrari
Emerson Fittipaldi sees frustration in Charles Leclerc, the F1 Ferrari driver having a below-par Saudi GP adding to pain of a DNF in Bahrain
20 hours ago

Brundle: Perez surprised "Team Verstappen" with his pace
"Team Verstappen" underestimated Saudi Grand Prix winner Sergio Perez, ambushed by the pace the Mexican had to fend off a hard-charging Max
1 day ago

The F2 Report: Saudi Arabia reveals title contenders
Round 2 of the 2023 FIA Formula 2 season took place this weekend in Jeddah, shaking up the Championship Standings
1 day ago

Jos Verstappen blasted erroneously by fake news media
On witnessing his son being beaten, Jos Verstappen did himself no favours by blatantly ignoring Saudi Arabian Grand Prix winner Sergio Perez.
1 day ago

Formula 1 needs Perez to be mighty all season
Red Bull veteran Sergio Perez may have had his best race yet at the Saudi Grand Prix, but F1 desperately needs the Mexican to keep it up.
1 day ago

Wolff: If it looks like a Red Bull, I'll have no shame if it's quick
F1 champions Red Bull are in a league of their own but once-dominant Mercedes claim big gains after rethinking the concept says Toto Wolff
1 day ago

Russell: Some penalties have been a little bit too extreme
Mercedes driver George Russell urged FIA F1 race officials to apply common sense when handing out penalties for infringements.
1 day ago

Vasseur: Lack of performance not coming from management
Fred Vasseur said Ferrari's bad show at the F1 2023 Saudi Grand Prix wasn't a management-related issue, suggesting it's an engineering matter
2 days ago

Horner: Perez drove his greatest Grand Prix in Jeddah
Christian Horner says Sergio Perez drove his greatest F1 race at the Saudi Grand Prix fending off Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen to win
2 days ago

Mercedes under no illusion they have a lot of work to do
Mercedes' George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished the race in Saudi Arabia fourth and fifth, then third and fifth, then fourth and fifth.
2 days ago

Difficult for Ferrari to take positives with P6-P7 in Jeddah
Ferrari's Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc finished the Saudi Arabian GP 6th and 7th, the former admitting it's difficult to take positives.
2 days ago

Hamilton: I've never seen a car so fast as the Red Bull
Lewis Hamilton said on Sunday after the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix he had never seen a car as quick as Max Verstappen's Red Bull.
2 days ago

F1 Betting Guide: Learn to Place Your F1 Bets Wisely
if you are new to F1 betting, we guide you wisely on the different types of bets available in order to maximise your chances of success.
2 days ago

Who are the favorites for the F1 2023 season?
As the 2023 F1 season is about to start, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the action and excitement that comes with watching F1 live races.
2 days ago

Exploring the Best Online Casinos in Connecticut
With many options available, players have a lot to choose from when it comes to finding the best online casinos in Connecticut
2 days ago

Alonso gets his Jeddah podium back
Fernando Alonso celebrated his 100th F1 podium after Saudi Arabian GP stewards reversed a penalty decision that demoted him from 3rd to 4th.
2 days ago

Perez: I had a wicked race
Sergio Perez took a 5th F1 win at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, after a "wicked race", a term he said he recently added to his vocabulary.
2 days ago

Verstappen: I am not here to be second
Max Verstappen stayed top of the F1 Championship in Saudi Arabia on Sunday but was still unhappy at having to settle for second in the race.
2 days ago

Russell: Not complaining about taking home a trophy
George Russell finished the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 4th, Fernando Alonso's penalty handing him 3rd, and the Briton isn't complaining.
2 days ago

Alonso: More FIA poor show than disappointment from ourselves
Fernando Alonso was bullish after being stripped from his 100th podium at the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, accusing the FIA of a poor show.
2 days ago

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Masterful Perez denies Verstappen
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix F1 Jeddah race report results photos quotes Verstappen Perez Leclerc Alonso Russell Hamilton Ocon Gasly Sainz Stroll
2 days ago